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Let’s Get Technical


The shoe-gag illustration from Salon of Shame seemed to trend well on Twitter but although shoe-gags are popular very few of those commercially available do what they are supposed to do. With the toe of the shoe inserted into the mouth under tension the heel naturally springs back and either bounces about in an unseemly way or has to  be pulled up by the tension of additional straps. But that can be a clumsy arrangement. Also the toe in the mouth treatment means that the aromatic interior of the shoe is held away from the submissive’s face.  It seems like a good idea but doesn’t work very well in practice. The toe in the mouth treatment is best left for when Madam’s foot is in the shoe and providing its impetus!

The design in my illustration puts the interior of the shoe over the mouth and nose and holds it there tightly. The open part of the shoe fits the mouth and nose naturally, like a surgical gas mask but allows breathing at the sides. The toe of the shoe also finds a natural position under the chin and can even push against the collar protected throat slightly in a punitive way that the gaggee is aware of. The head harness incorporates a strap attached to the heel of the shoe to hold it tight against the face. This can be a fairly short strap secured to the  buckle on a matching strap from the head harness which goes over the head. The tightly strapped shoe and side straps ensure that it won’t slide about but it has to be secured last. Before the shoe-gag is imposed a large soft rubber ball can be inserted into the mouth under the stocking. The insole of the shoe will prevent its ejection, effectively combining a ball-gag and shoe-gag. The shoe-gag can be worn for fairly long periods, during maid-service for example, and creates a humiliating, shoe-fetish intense appearance in role play.


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When Horace’s formidable wife had warned him that she planned to “boot him out” he had no idea what she had in store for him. For many years she had expected him to keep her prized footwear collection clean and polished, but as it grew to fill a room of its own on every wall from floor to ceiling the task had become arduous. His fastidious wife expected each pair of shoes or boots to be cleaned and polished before and after she wore them each time and he was required to do all the housework too. The last spark of rebellion in Horace had been crushed long ago and now he wallowed in defeated subservience   There was no rest for him. The moment he returned from the office he was kept busy as his wife’s maid and dresser. It was inevitable that haste led to clumsiness and unsatisfactory work, much to his wife’s displeasure.

A pair of boots had not been cleaned. Horace thought he had plenty of time to attend to them before she next required them but forgot all about it. His horror at seeing the mud still on the boots when she summoned him to put them on her was matched by her anger.”I’m going to boot you out for this!” she warned him as he knelt to lick the boots clean in penance and his hope soared for a blissful freedom. But later that evening she telephoned her favourite Bootique Booteuse, Madam Fifi, an expert at fashioning exquisite leather to adorn the legs and feet of her customers. Madam Fifi was briefed on the unusual pair of boots desired, incorporating the very boots that Horace had neglected, and she laughed delightedly at the assignment, contemplating rather greedily the number of hides required and the profit she would make. The outcome you see below – Horace “booted” and “out” in shame for his misdemeanour. A happy outcome for Horace’s wife and Madam Fifi, and for all the ladies amused by the perambulating Horace filled boot, but far from happy for poor booted Horace who had failed to show devotion to his wife’s boots!


More bizarre and intriguing FemDom illustration and stories at my complete gallery website Studio Oridoman.

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The Burden!


Installed with the approval of his formidable Wife as a human coat rack in his Mother-in-Law’s small first-floor beauty salon, Fong is beginning  to regret agreeing to the bizarre punishment. But he had been caught philandering yet again and was desperate not to be thrown out by the two businesswomen whom he depended upon for his income. For past indiscretions he had endured beatings with the rattan handle of a feather duster and being made to kneel in shame with a vase balanced precariously on his head but this was something new and had obviously required preparation.

His Mother-in-Law’s lady customers seemed curiously unperturbed by the spectacle of Fong in stringent bondage serving as the salon coat rack, as though they had expected nothing less. As he began to suffer the weight of their heavy leather coats the hapless Fong realised with sudden dread that his Mother-in-Law had never said how long he must suffer this extraordinary penance! Surely the terrible ordeal would not be a permanent arrangement?


Now Fong’s Wife and Mother-in-Law knew exactly where he was and what he was doing!

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Forniphilia (Part Two)


The search for the perfect salon chair goes on! The submissive male providing a seat for his Mistress is quite a common theme and fairly established imagery at the various Atelier galleries. But more often than not it is symbolic rather than completely fetishised. The naked male on all fours, perhaps hooded, but otherwise unrestrained, suggesting a willing submission to support Madam’s lovely derriere. To show Her power and his ignominy. Seldom, if ever, is the male slave reduced to the kind of stringently inventive objectification that is the fate of female submissives at the likes of House of Gord. . .


. . . with that suggestion of permanent reduction that is unlikely in reality but oh so compelling in fantasy. The human form compressed and sheathed (in leather of course – but latex if you insist), strapped, laced, zippered or even sewn into a convenient helplessness, absolutely silenced, and then used in a disregarding sort of way that compels both anonymity of form and worthlessness. A servicing fate, to await, to support, to long for, even to ogle the unattainable in the ultimate adoration. The presence of Madam is a necessary visual juxtaposition of power but to contemplate a “chair”, alone, unattended, waiting to be put to use, creates a frisson of extra indifference.

Both exploratory sketches of salon chairs above are unpublished but for further journeys into the fantasy genre visit Madam Tao’s Human Furniture Emporium at my gallery website www.studio-oridomain.com

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Forniphilia (Human Furniture Fetish)


The latest illustration for the fantasy Madam Tao’s Human Furniture Emporium series at www.studio-oridomain.com depicts the preparation of new salon chairs for the Charmy Beauty Salon’s demanding owner with a main illustration and three vignettes (teaser above). Dithered over the precise design of those and how to incorporate a head rest, eventually settling on a heart-shaped pink leather cushion attached to the gag, to match the heart shaped back padding on the chair. Heart-shaped themes abound in my illustrations, almost as obsessively as human coat hooks, but I have no idea why. The complete salon chair design has not been illustrated yet but it will be shown in use in due course.


The also ran ideas involved leather “sausage” cushions strapped over the head (above) and around it (below) as depicted in these preliminary sketches. That looked a little strange (!) like a boxing glove over the head, so the idea was discarded. But I’m still not sure. Probably have to illustrate a lot more salon chairs!

BeautySalonChairDesign_ 2



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The Boot Fitting

BootFittingIllustrations often start with a pencil draft and sometimes those are so immediate in creating a response that refining them sometimes seems retrograde. The completion processes of inking in, painting with gouache and watercolour, scanning and then formatting the illustration to further refine it can be tedious. Those stages to completion can also drain the illustration of its immediacy and impact. How much of that is just down to the tedium of the process, familiarity breeding contempt, is difficult to say because the illustrator is rarely able to judge the final result objectively.

LWM_MVA_Bottisserie_1The Boot Fitting was an illustration in the Madam Van Arden story in Leather World Madams series at Studio Oridomain. Madam Van Arden goes on holiday and consigns her long suffering wealthy cash cow of a husband Boocock to the Bottisserie of one of her cronies, Madam Nina, where he is put to work for the duration suitably uniformed as a Boot Maid. I prefer the original pencil rough for this illustration (seen above) because I think it captures something that the completed illustration loses. I can’t say what that is because it is difficult if not impossible to define – and probably very personal! Playing around with the final illustration also creates different moods, with black and white or sepia versions giving a retro look which can be nostalgic towards that way way back, long before internet age of cheaply published under the counter FemDom booklets of the Nutrix kind. The reproduction process for those illustrations often made for a sort of compelling charm, a lure into a world where who knew what other forbidden delights might lurk.


In the illustration Boocock, the evergreen pervert, is both appalled and excited by his predicament. Just to make sure that he keeps Madam Van Arden’s supremacy in mind as he toils in the Bottisserie she has subjected him to a stocking shame hood and shoe gag, with the toe of the shoe strapped firmly into his mouth to keep him quiet. The stocking and shoe are, of course, the very personal possessions of Madam Van Arden. The Bottisserie reeks of new leather, expensive leather, exotic leather, and Boocock himself has been put into a leather maid’s uniform of such aching tightness that every beck and call required of him is an ordeal of movement. Vignettes in the original sequence illustrate that and hopefully express the curious excitement and delight of the impediments of the hobble skirt on movement. To be made to walk quickly in punitive clothing that most severely hinders that, urged on by a beautiful tormentress armed with a flexible implement of encouragement and correction, is a sublime thrill.

FDBSSepiaPainting the leather is the most tedious process of all, with multiple passes of watercolour and gouache to build the necessary depth and the results are by no means consistent. Sometimes it comes together and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m largely self taught so I break a lot of rules, often deliberately, but Sardax, inspirer, mentor and patient guide, has helped me immeasurably along the way. The late Eric Stanton is another influence who often resolves problems for me. I don’t pretend to be the equal of those two masters of the art of illustration in any way and the furrow I plough is far less sure and certain in draughtsmanship, but I hope that the illustrations have improved over the years and that some of them, the absence of the ubiquitous strap on notwithstanding, can create a response that shares my own passions. I thank you.

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“At Your Convenience, Madam”

Shoe-Shine ClippedNewly established outside the Boot and Shoe Boutique at the Mahjong Palace Mall, a free shoe-shining service for the lady patrons. The miscreant is literally chained to his work, sheath-sewn in boot leather, double secured with a strap cage and hooded with the symbol of his shame, a stiletto shoe, advertising his ignominy. All he can do is bend low and shine to the lady’s satisfaction, silenced by the cleaning brush he must apply to her shoes.

The ladies can avail themselves of the comfortable, adjustable stool and softly padded foot rest as their shoes are serviced, perhaps to smoke a cigarette, gossip with companions waiting their turn or to replenish their lip gloss.

See the complete illustration ‘The Shoe-Shine Gimp’ and other intriguing episodes of ‘Vain, Leather Sheathed Society Matrons’ at Studio Oridomain

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