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Updated Related Blogs (in the header bar above) with links to the wonderful blogs and websites of Karen Nadine exploring vintage spanking, femdom and bdsm art. A treasure trove of rare art and illustration preserved for posterity.

Also added links to the marvellous WOmWAm image catalogue and Brief User Guide, featuring film, TV and print images from 1930 to 1989 of Women Overwhelming men and Women Attacking men as well as images of the actresses playing those parts. A labour of love which deserves to be appreciated. The catalogue is nicely archived for ease of exploration and the Guide has tag links to themes.

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The Whipping House Rules


The new series Whipping House Rules, initiated as a redux or re-visiting of the older The Institute collection, envisages a fairly large and highly organised establishment catering to an international clientele. The staff of Discipline Matrons are uniformed – crisp white blouses, black leather ties and belts, grey pencil skirts, stockings (fully-fashioned and seamed of course!) with the Senior Matrons (50+) privileged to wear black leather skirts if they wish (my little rebellion against the ridiculous prejudice that older women should not wear leather skirts – wait and see the Senior Matrons wear provocative leather ‘bondage’ skirts in subsequent illustrations!).

It’s just a job, and the staff are recruited amongst women of common and modest background who approach their work with as much indifference as driving pigs to market. A bonus is the provision for each Discipline Matron of a smart, black leather coat, 1960s style, often worn (and sometimes together with those first stiletto-heeled ‘kinky’ boots) when supervising the inmates outside.


But in the more remote parts of Oridomain, in smaller towns, there are whipping houses of more modest size and facilities. The illustration above depicts one such establishment, with two cangued miscreants, after a sound whipping, required to kneel in shame and kowtow to the denizens of the town as they pass by. Although the two strutting Furies on the right have been shown before, originally on my Yahoo Group site many moons ago, the complete illustration has never been shown in its entirety. It is one of the first, if not the first, ‘whipping house’ illustrations ever done. This Whipping House is a more modest establishment run by a single Discipline Mistress on more domestic lines, assisted by one or two un-uniformed henchwomen as Discipline Matrons. It is a typical old style street house in the appropriately named Whipping House Street (or Street of the Whipping House) with a concealed inner courtyard where might be found a whipping post, standing cage and pillory.


The Mistress of the House occupies the upper floor and her domestic needs are served by the succession of inmates, severely correctively punished and worked on behalf of their own dissastisfied Mistresses. Perhaps one of the henchwomen resides there too, with a third or fourth employed part time to attend and supervise as required by the number of ‘guests’. Some miscreants are just sent for a caning or whipping and returned to their owners the same day, whilst others are kept for days or weeks under a regime of demanding drudgery work and frequent punishments for the slightest unsatisfactory performance. Some long-term ‘guests’ are even farmed out to other women for specific heavy or dirty work and the Mistress gains extra remuneration from that – charging the original owner for the corrective treatment and the customer to whom she supplies the labour.

The activities in both types of establishment will feature in future illustrations for The Whipping House Rules at Studio Oridomain.

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Coming Soon. . .


. . . to Studio Oridomain, foot service oubliettes, inspired by Sardax. 

“Please re-gag after use, eh? Well, I’m sure that we can manage that . . . “

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Slaves to Leather – Discipline Coats


Coming up – NimRod’s bizarre concept of Discipline Coats. Those wonderful leather sheath coats of the 1960s specially modified and adapted to shame-walk the naughtiest of boys. Reinforced seams and adjustable straps leash the suitably restrained and hobbled slave to Madam’s leather coat from his convenient projections – nose ring, tongue ring or penis ring, perhaps all three. The delightful, decorative, dangling rear half-belts on many leather coats of the era are an obvious means of leashing. In this reduced state of helpless devotion to Madam’s leather the slave must follow Her, perhaps to be used as a convenient caddy for Madam’s handbag and shopping cartons.


The Discipline Coat has become quite the fashion fad in Oridomain, especially in Leatherdale, where Madam Bracegirdle is doing brisk trade. As status symbol, demonstration of Matronly power and effective corrective. Some of the wealthier Matrons, keen on coordinating, even have their miscreants sheathed in matching leathers – and quite severely too!


And if Madam should pause in her purposeful strutting to browse some item of feminine allure, the leashed miscreant knows what is expected of him – “Nose against the leather!”.

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Factories & Philanderers

Updates at my website today at last after a long absence. Mea culpa! I shall try to make it up in the next few weeks for those loyal subscribers whose patience I am most grateful for.


Part 2 of The Leather Coat Factory provides a peek inside the new Manageress’ office where she is entertaining a potential lady customer. The former Chairman finds himself reduced to a crouching ignominy confined within a fiendishly constructed and upholstered seat for Madam Manageress. Her foot rest is supported from his nose ring but eyeholes allow him the compensatory privilege of seeing her stocking seams and spike heels. That’ll learn him! Meanwhile the former treasurer is hard at work polishing her office floor, naked and in chains with the usual weighted, screw-on, ‘shame earrings’. In the background another transformed and shame earringed minion brings the lady customer tea, dressed in leather maid’s attire and wearing a cap of shame proclaiming his masculine misdeeds. No answering back here – the ball-gags ensure that!


The Philanderer’s Fate continues at the Beauty Salon with our male miscreant put into a temporary maid’s uniform of buttoned back and front black satin with a rustling white rubberised satin pinafore, over a full panoply of restrictive under garments, including a controlling chastity pouch or gaffe of leather. Punishment shoes will be seen on him in due course – Oxfords rather than those shown in the illustration. Madam Alvarez , the younger of the two beautician partners, describes his new duties to him – for the Salon only. He will also be expected to serve in the ladies apartment too. After a week of fully illustrated work in the temporary garb it will be off to Madam Fifi’s to be fitted into his permanent uniform.

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Bizarre Bondage, An Auction, Strutting & Bags

The latest updates at my online gallery www.studio-oridomain.com are indeed late, mea culpa, due to a combination of poor health and the fact that all four illustrations took longer than usual to complete, each being replete with figures, leather and details.


The Institute returns with a new sub-series The Storage Facility. Wayward sons-in-law, errant husbands, unwanted lovers, the Institute’s storage facility provides punitive accommodation for them all, for as long as a lady might require, whether as a short, sharp weekend lesson or a longer term of incarceration, out of sight and out of mind! The bondage is bizarre and the impositions impossible. An inmate is required to struggle hard to demonstrate the efficacy of his leathered confinement to a prospective customer.  The “relegated” men are kept in the custody of vain, trashy, gossipy matrons who earn good money as white-coated attendants at the facility, whilst treating the inmates as just so much “lost luggage”. Feeding time and washing to come.


In Womens Vengeance Society, The Philanderer’s Fate Part 5, the anti-hero of the misadventure, having completed his penance at the Temple, is sold off by auction to members of the Society. Kept in chastity, shame earringed, ball-gagged and led by the nose, the prospect of prolongued sissy maid service to two hard-boiled salon matrons awaits! A relish for high-heeled shoes draws the eye in this one. Costuming and salon instructions to come.


Vain Leather Sheathed Society Matrons (VLSSM) gets an update as VIP customer Mrs Cheung, resplendent in black leather and gold trimmed qipao, struts from Mrs Kwok’s cloakroom to the Mahjong Palace Mall’s VIP Mahjong Salon, leather coat and handbag “caddy” in tow. The shuffling, hobble impeded “caddy” must keep up, staying two paces behind Madam at all times, and is encouraged in that effort by one of the Mall’s Discipline Matrons armed with a whip. Ladies and their skirt-leashed slaves look on, the women in admiration and envy, the men in abject terror. Mink stole caddying and the VIP Mahjong Salon to come.


After their sound whipping, the two work-dodging and disrespectful miscreants of Mrs Szeto in Drudgery Slaves & Maids are marched in chains to her bondage chamber where leather pacification bags await. They will be sent to Love-Love Rickshaw Services, forced to jump all the way there in the bags, for six months penal servitude with hard labour. Stay tuned for a DS&M and Men as Mules melding!


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Boot Hoods


Boot hoods as the icing on the boot suit cake – compelling in fantasy but challenging in practice. Unless your Mistress was bequeathed a pair of Porthos’ old boots it is unlikely that the eager submissive head will fit into the reluctant dominant leg of the boot. It might just be possible for a slightly-built submissive to work his smaller bonce into the upper part of a fairly loose thigh boot but the result will be even more comic than erotic.


The answer is for the boot to be transformed into a hood by modification. It will require a good old-fashioned cobbler or leather worker and a suitable pair of boots, one of which provides the leather to adapt the other. The leg of the boot must be split at the back and front (if required), so that boots with front and back seams are especially suitable. A gusset made from the leg leather of one boot is then sewn into the rear split of the other and fitted with lacing as shown in the illustration above – or with a zipper. A strappable collar is also sewn to the open end of the boot which can be strap-attached to other restraining treats.

The gusset can be sized to allow the “face” of the boot to remain intact with just breathing holes or eye holes fitted or, as shown here, with one of Madam’s old shoes sewn to the front as a face piece.

The resultant sensation is very much of being inside Madam’s boot, especially if one of Her stockings is first pulled down over the head, and is suitable for shaming games or longer periods of contemplation bondage. With a boot suit or bondage bag the submissive can be put to hampered work or consigned to immobilised captivity.

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