Much water under the bridge since the last update here, both personally and in the broader sense of events. The last update at www.studio-oridomain.com not so distant but the speed at which that receded is regretted. As always my thanks to those who have stuck with me and by me. And a plague upon the pirates.

The June update re-introduces an old favourite – The Queen of Hell – with a new cover art for Book One. The Queen has a non-diminishing queue of eager supplicants to experience and enjoy her exquisite impositions, some more personal as serving as her chair and others reduced to a more distanced longing as her weekend coat stand – leather coat of course!

Madam Bracegirdle’s Salon re-continues with a parading of enforced sissy maid styles, always a favourite to illustrate, gags a required part of the dress code! And the sub-series of Madam Pauline, the Pervert Punisher takes us to her cellar where her latest ‘guest’ awaits the attention of her caning arm. Whilst somewhat trashy in her choice of shoes Madam Pauline disdains the current fashion for wearing leather skirts with legs bare and always sheaths them in expensive nylon. Sorry fashionistas but no matter how great your legs are wearing a leather skirt without stockings is not a good look.

Part One of a new sub-series to Retro LeatheristasFemDom Noir – pays homage to the often subliminal FemDom and Bondage themes and scenes in 1950s British movies and American TV. In the disused guest room above the Blue Anchor public house a struggling captive cannot help responding to the pulchritudinous charms of the busty milf barmaid Doris as she fetches her coat – leather of course! What will happen to that desperate but excited fellow remains to be seen. . .

Finally in the series Womens Vengeance Society is The Shipment, an illustration set in one of the Society’s branch meeting halls depicting an unusual conveyance container for naughty boys. Has the frantic occupant just been received or he is about to be despatched? That question is left to the imagination of subscribers for the time being, but more of his fate will be revealed in due course.

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1 Response to Update

  1. Carl says:

    The latest offerings from the desk of the Master of Leather Fetishism and Female Domination are as delicious as ever – if not more so. Perhaps it’s just me – although I don’t think so – but it seems as if Nim is really on his game of late. His renderings of Ladies Leathers seem to project increased vibrancy and more fetish urgency than ever. The expressions on the faces of both female protagonists as well as male supplicants are just brimming with haughty, cruel indifference, and resigned helplessness respectively. I find it difficult to spend much time with any of his most recent works without becoming emotionally overwhelmed, whimpering aloud and then experiencing the inevitable – – – – – – – !


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