Boot Hoods


Boot hoods as the icing on the boot suit cake – compelling in fantasy but challenging in practice. Unless your Mistress was bequeathed a pair of Porthos’ old boots it is unlikely that the eager submissive head will fit into the reluctant dominant leg of the boot. It might just be possible for a slightly-built submissive to work his smaller bonce into the upper part of a fairly loose thigh boot but the result will be even more comic than erotic.


The answer is for the boot to be transformed into a hood by modification. It will require a good old-fashioned cobbler or leather worker and a suitable pair of boots, one of which provides the leather to adapt the other. The leg of the boot must be split at the back and front (if required), so that boots with front and back seams are especially suitable. A gusset made from the leg leather of one boot is then sewn into the rear split of the other and fitted with lacing as shown in the illustration above – or with a zipper. A strappable collar is also sewn to the open end of the boot which can be strap-attached to other restraining treats.

The gusset can be sized to allow the “face” of the boot to remain intact with just breathing holes or eye holes fitted or, as shown here, with one of Madam’s old shoes sewn to the front as a face piece.

The resultant sensation is very much of being inside Madam’s boot, especially if one of Her stockings is first pulled down over the head, and is suitable for shaming games or longer periods of contemplation bondage. With a boot suit or bondage bag the submissive can be put to hampered work or consigned to immobilised captivity.

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